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   Your Pre-need Total Solution
CECILE CINCO -- Unit Manager, REMO & Associates, License Code No. K36-007-618533

What do you need?

Sample proposal for investing . . .

15 - 20% Referral Fee + PhP25,000 Accident Insurance, Free!

  1. Refer the link to your friends, to fill up and submit. It's a non-committal assessment form where your friends can enter their information.

  2. Then I will send through e-mail a proposal fit for the person who applied for it. Remember, it's non-committal so nothing has happened really unless one decides to pursue on the investment.

  3. When the person involved has decided to pursue with the plan, he/she will inform me through e-mail so that I can send the application form to be filled up and signed. Just make sure that he/she is really committed to pursue with the plan for you to be eligible to receive your referral fee.

  4. The application form should be mailed back to me (Registered Mail) and the investment sent through any Western Union branch. When I receive both, processing will commence.
  5. After processing (about a week), the policy is ready to be mailed to the owner.

    At the same time, I will send you your referral fee of 15% (quarterly or semi-annual mode) or 20% (annual mode).


Who are qualified to invest?

  • Filipino citizen, 18-65 (for pension and education)

  • 18-55 (for memorial)

  • Within the country or OFW

  • Aliens with a Philippine address can invest on pension.


Who are qualified to refer?

  • Anybody within the country or even outside as long as the investor's qualification is based on above.

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