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   Your Pre-need Total Solution
CECILE CINCO -- Unit Manager, REMO & Associates, License Code No. K36-007-618533

What do you need?

Sample proposal for investing . . .
I already have these plans. Do I need to add more? How can I know if my plans are insufficient, sufficient, or more than enough?  

The answer to this is the Continuing Income Program which pays for your retirement expenses when nobody else can. Your income must continue even after your retirement. Sufficiency for today must continue until old age. Your standard of living must be maintained even after you are not working/employed anymore.

Assuming you earn 10,000/month or 120,000/year, with an increase of 5% every 5 years.

Income while you are still working

Needed income.
Expenses going up.
Prices going up. Inflation.
Who's going to pay for it?

So based on the figures above, adding your supposed income from age 61-85 with the assumption that at age 40 (now) you are currently earning P10,000 and with a 5% yearly increase (very conservative figure) to go with the yearly increase of prices, you should have a total of 4,000,000+.

So if you have a 1,000,000 plan, obviously by the time you reach 67, your reserve has been used up. And that is only based on a 10,000 current monthly income!

But how can you invest on a 4,000,000 plan when at the moment you earn only 10,000?

That is the importance of UPGRADING! Instead of worrying about how to pay a big plan, why not add one PLAN to another every 2 or 3 years valued at 500,000 or 1,000,000 or so? If for the first 5 years, you have invested on a 500,000 plan, instead of stopping on the 6th year, you should invest on another plan. That way you are preparing for your retirement on a STAGGARD way!

So now the question is, will your pension plan suffice? If your current income is not enough, how much can you expect in the future?  


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