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   Your Pre-need Total Solution
CECILE CINCO -- Unit Manager, REMO & Associates, License Code No. K36-007-618533

What do you need?

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Why the need for Education, Pension, and Memorial Plans?  

We value EDUCATION, a tool to succeed in life. But it is costly. Education Plans are available to MAKE SURE that our children's future is secured at a much LOWER COST. Price Increase, inflation and other calamaties will not affect our savings with Philam Plans.

When we grow old, we normally cannot do the things we used to do when we are younger. Our earning power suddenly drops to nothing at all. If we do not prepare for this, we end up depending on our children, instead of them depending on us. By that time, our children will be taking care of their own families, which leaves us "leftovers" if at all there would be. Having our own PENSION Program assures us of our senior life a lifestyle we can prepare for today.

MEMORIAL plans started the pre-need business. Who wouldn't used it? As sure as the setting of the sun, our lives will set down also -- 100%. and when it happens, the crooks of this world take that opportunity to overprice every spending need a bereaved and shocked family has to face. With Philam Plans, not only everything will be taken care of, but also the beneficiaries can decide on how to spend the money (e.g. lesser cost burial, casket, etc.) thereby having more cash at hand. In addition the Initial Memorial Service Benefit (IMSB) increases 10% every year to go with the rising trend of expenses. The best part is, if you OUTLIVE 15 short years, from the time you signed the plan, you get back what you invested, thus, making the plan FREE.

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